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What is Bioflow Magnotherapy and How does it work?Swimming with Magnotherapy

After being forced to abandon her first world record attempt to swim the English Channel butterfly in 2000 due to a severe arm injury, Julie thought she would never swim ‘fly’ again. Then a MIRACLE appeared in the form of a bioflow bracelet and within a few weeks of wearing it she was back swimming again. (see Magnotherapy articles) Two years later she swam to her butterfly dream in world record time!

Magnotherapy is a complimentary therapy; for long time people have recognised the benefits of magnets for alleviating pain. The principle is that the magnetic energy fields speed up the blood supply, allowing more oxygen to enter the bloodstream, which in turn results in a more efficient absorption of the nutrients. Toxins and inflammation gather at the site of the injury and it is believed that Magnotherapy helps in the removal of toxins and therefore, reduces swelling. It has had proven success in both animals as well as humans. The two primary areas Magnotherapy helps in are:

The benefits of Magnotherapy are the result of a change in pH that is triggered by magnetic energy. Arthritis, sport’s injuries, skin complaints, relief from migraines, ME and fatigue syndrome, increased energy and quicker recovery, blood pressure are just a few of the many conditions that can be eased by Magnotherapy. (See links on Magnotherapy Conditions)

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