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Time Line Therapy Julie Bradshaw

Why Time Line Therapy® and Life Coaching?

Snow DecTime Line Therapy™ is one of the most powerful interventions for accelerating human change. The process involves a series of simple, easy and very natural techniques, allowing you to release and eliminate unpleasant emotions form memories of past events. Through Time Line Therapy™ you will learn how to use the Unconscious Mind to enable you to think positively. As a result of this technique and the learnings taken, there is dramatic personal growth and development which produce excellent results: YOU FEEL GREAT!

Some of the biggest obstacles holding you back from achieving success include:

Through the process of Time Line Therapy™ you are able to find the root cause of these problems which means the Unconscious Mind is then able to take the learnings from past events. All these inappropriate negative emotions then disappear so you are able to move forward.

Julie BradshawWhat is your Time Line?

It is important to understand that we all have a Conscious Mind and an Unconscious Mind. Time Line Therapy™ involves working with your Unconscious Mind - this is where all learning, change and behaviour take place its most important function being to preserve your body. Other prime functions include:

The Unconscious Mind always has a positive intention for everything it does. Since the negative emotions are not good for your body, causing dis-ease, the Unconscious Mind presents these suppressed emotions for resolution periodically throughout our lives. Clearing up past suppressed emotions often plays an invaluable role in healing. Our immune system is constantly in touch with our thoughts and feelings (the Mind-Body connection) and this has been shown by research. It makes sense therefore having the emotional freedom which Time Line Therapy® offers as it can only enhance our health.

The Time Line is how your Unconscious Mind stores and makes sense of your memories. Our Unconscious Mind has stored everything that has ever happened to us in our lives and has attached a date and time to these memories. Information stored within these is how we felt at the time and has meaning to it.

The what if factor to Time Line Therapy®Snow Dec

It can make you feel good! Time Line Therapy™ works with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in offering a very powerful yet gentle way of resolving your problems from the past. This gives you a much brighter future. It gets to the root cause of the problem; in the same way as a gardener has to remove the root otherwise the weed grows back, this is what Time Line Therapy does. This is why Time Line procedures provide fast, effective and long term change.

Imagine being able to get rid of any of the following unpleasant emotions: anger, frustration, upset, annoyance, guilt, misery, depression, hurt, sadness, grief, fear, dread, distrust, panic, rejection, shyness, jealousy, embarrassment. Would this be useful to you right now?

If you are anxious about the future, have any kind of debilitating phobia, unwanted thoughts and beliefs such as “I can’t be successful”, “I’m not good enough”, I don’t have confidence, Time Line Therapy™ can provide you with a solution. It is relatively quick and cost effective. For example, phobias can be cleared in one session (around two/three hours), Time Line® (Emotional and belief work) in two sessions (up to six hours), whilst a full ‘Breakthrough’ (see website for further explanation) or ‘Life Coaching’ session around eight to ten hours. During the Breakthrough you will realign your values, work on deeply unconscious ‘stuff’ Meta Programs and get help with your future goals. There is also the option to have the Meta Profile Measurement Tool, MindSonar® to enhance the Time Line Therapy and counselling process.

If you would like to help yourself to better health by removing those unpleasant emotional feelings from your body, gain control of your emotional life, Time Line Therapy™ would be of tremendous value to you. There is only one place for you to start from and that is where you are now.

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