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All of Dr. Julie Bradshaw's speeches are tailor made to the requirements of the event. You can be assured that after careful discussion Julie is able to pin point the right talk for YOU, whatever the occasion.

The After Dinner Speaker

Sporting and Non-Sporting events - Julie's presentation will inspire your audience and ensure that everyone leaves with belief in themselves and the enthusiam, focus and motivation to achieve what they desire in life


"The bend in the road is not the end of the road unless you fail to make the turn."


The Sporting/Adventurer and Swimmer/Motivational Speaker

Julie's remarkable story is powerful and inspirational. She talks with much experience on her self-belief, motivation, mental tenacity, dedication and training, teamwork, her ability to overcome obstacles ('no failure, only feedback"), what it's like to swim in cold water such as her 12 hour swim of Loch Lomond in 38 degrees F, and much more. Julie brings her talks alive with visuals of her swims, for example her Butterfly Solo English Channel swim of 2002, as well as many funny stories.

Julie also talks about her inner strength to achieve and her never-ending focus on what she wants, her dreams - as she says, "Always something new, different, more difficult and challenging, never the same swim twice - the appeal of what has never been done before, means I am forever moving forwards in life."

"The real value in any form of achievement, is not in achieving the thing itself; the real value is in who you become in the process." (Brian Mayne)

The Business Speaker

Using examples from her own life and experiences, Julie helps bussinesses to understand how to become more successful and to achieve their goals within their organisation using the capabilities of their workforce. Topics Julie "Enables" on are:

"The Secret of Creating Your Future Success, Now!"


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