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Openwater Swimming Coaching

With Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE (World Record Swimmer, Open Water & Channel Swimming Coach)

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 Specialists in Open Water and Channel Swim Coaching & Training & Programmes

A. The Big Challenge - Why This?Julie Bradshaw

 This is for you if you want

What You Can Choose on "The Big Challenge"

The above may vary according to package chosen. Please ask at time of enquiry and on booking

* Bespoke English Channel Swim Coaching & Training programmes may include but are not limited to swim technique and other psychological and motivational techniques to enhance performance

 B. Magical Performance - Why This?

 This is for you if you want

What You Can Choose from Magical Performance

The above may vary according to package chosen. Please ask at time of enquiry and on booking.

Swimming Pool Facilities

Your Investment (The Big Challenge & Magical Performance):

Please enquire for prices as swimmer needs do vary

(fuel costs may apply depending on package chosen and leisure activity required)

* Further information on request. Please phone 07941 467291

* Please note Get SET 4 Success Ltd (Swimming) is the one of the few, if not the ONLY swim company in the world who is able to offer the premier UK and prestigious Cumbrian Lake swims of Windermere (10.5 miles), Ullswater (7.25 miles), and Coniston (5.25 miles) as well as Loch Lomond (21 miles) as part of the bespoke swim training packages. These swims are dependant upon a swimmer's requirements and discussed when coaching commences. Please note the option to swim Loch Lomond may vary from year to year. Bookings are taken well in advance for all lake swims as availability is limited. Please enquire now to avoid disappointment.

Also available:

Your Investment *** - dependant on time and intervention required. Please enquire.

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Other InformationJulie Bradshaw

Swim coaching, Specialised Swim Clinics and sport performance swim programmes take place all year round in an Outdoor Endless Pool click here and Loughborough University's 50m Indoor pool click Here

Openwater swim training at Lake Windermere and Loch Lomond

Indoor pool facility at Health Club also available at Windermere for a combination of indoor/outdoor swim coaching

Other landbased interventions are at Julie's home in Loughborough. There is flexibility for these to be at other locations after discussion. (additional costs apply)


What keeps your body in peak condition throughout all the training and ensures your immune system stays healthy? What has proved successful for Julie in all her record breaking swims over the 30+ years? You will receive information about this and alot more to help with your nutrition.

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*** hourly rates vary and can typically be from £150