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Would it be useful to get to the heart of your thinking?     

  Mind Sonar Profile Analysis

Would you like to know how you or other people tick?

Would it be useful to understand more about yourself when thinking about career?

Would it be useful to get a better understanding of how you think at work?

Would you like to understand how to gain better rapport with people and even enhance motivation?

Would it be useful to be able to improve communication in groups whatever the context eg. business, sport and other?

Would it be useful to help people understand why in some situations they flourish and in others they get stuck, resolve conflicts and clarify training goals?

Would it be useful to attract people who fit the desired profile in a specific context (better recruitment)?

Would it be useful to develop a profile amongst people who function well in a particular position and therefore lead to better selection of candidates for that position?

 Are you a sports person and want to understand why you train well yet your performance in a competition is not reflective of this? And would it be helpful for the coach to understand why and therefore to resolve it to increase performance?

These are just some of the reasons why you want to choose Mind Sonar®


What MindSonar® is (Meta Profile Analysis Worldwide)

Mind Sonar® is used by many people world-wide such as trainers, coaches, HR professionals and consultants, as it helps personal development in individual clients, as well as organisations with understanding how keep people think. MindSonar is the equivalent of an X-Ray machine for human thinking and is used for team building, training, recruitment, organisational development and coaching.

Mind Sonar® is a unique psychological tool that measures how you think as opposed to who you are. It is not a personality tool which ‘fits people into boxes’. It uses ‘Graves Drives’ (values/motivation) and Meta Programs (the building blocks of how a person thinks).

MindSonar® unlike any other psychological tool is contextual and helps YOU understand how you think in a specific situation. Therefore, the major difference is that it takes into account that you think differently when you are in different situations.

 To date, MindSonar® has helped in many situations. Below are just a few examples:

* The Netherlands Equestrian Team win in the 2012 Olympics in London

* Improved sales in major European car brand

* Helped high level accountants with their personal branding

* MindSonar® was part of the leadership training of the Dutch Armed Forces

* Generated benchmark profiles for city traffic and environmental guards

And many more...


The Practical Element of MindSonar®


MindSonar® is a psychological tool completed online by the many clients all over the world, and a detailed report is then sent, along with a graph print-out (as can be seen in the example).


MindSonar® can only be interpreted by a qualified MindSonar® Professional.



Please check out Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE below, currently one of an elite group (less than eight January 2018) registered and qualified MindSonar® Professionals in the UK:

Mind  Sonar Dr. Julie Bradshaw

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