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Madfish at sea wearing Magnotherapy bracelet

Madfish at Sea!

Julie wearing her 'Elite' Magnotherapy bracelet.


Julie's Bioflow Testimonials:

Swimming the Channel with Bioflow 1

Swimming the Channel with Bioflow 2

Loughborough Team Swim Channel with bioflow


Magnotherapy helps animals and people (arthritis):

Link 1

Link 2


List of conditions bioflow has helped with:

Link 1


Magnotherapy Bracelets:


Duo, Monet, Elite

Pirouette, Finesse, Executive


Magnotherapy Bracelets for mobiles and computers, too: 

Adventure, Classic, Biophone, and Biophone pendant, Vitaflow

Boost belt and buttons, biopad


Animal magnotherapy:

Link 1


Be Economical with magnotherapy:

Motoflow, Thermoflow, H2 Flow


Be Healthy:

Tian Tian, Nutriflow