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    “Madfish” Julie Out of Water to help Archie in Charity Event

    Loughborough’s own World Record and English Channel Swimming superstar, Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE (nicknamed ‘Madfish’) is going the extra mile this time on land rather than in water. She is joining a host of celebrities, including Daniel Whiston (Dancing On Ice) and other famous sporting figures in a charity event on Wednesday March 4th at Stanley Park, Blackpool where she will join Archie Brown in his run to raise funds for his trip to Las Vegas to represent Great Britain in the US karate championships.

    Julie originally from Blackpool and has lived in Loughborough since 1987 first heard about Archie through the Picture Framing Centre in Blackpool, who frame all her world record swimming certificates (over 20 to date!).

    Archie and Julie training outside PFC Blackpool

     As Archie’s Mum, Naomi Brown commented, “The  community spirit from the people of Blackpool has  been unbelievable but none of it could have even  started without The Picture Framing Centre  Blackpool and Grand Master Samuel Kwok who told  us not to give up and to get Archie to Las Vegas.”

     Dr.Julie Bradshaw MBE told the Echo. “I know that  karate is not currently funded as an Olympic Sport and  when I heard that Archie Brown, only 8 years old,  needed financial help to get him to Las Vegas to  compete in this event, it really was a no brainer for me.  I immediately said I would travel and join him in this  event to raise his much needed funds. Having been a  young starter in sport myself, I know how important it is to get finances for events. My parents had to raise the entire amount for my first English Channel solo swim when I was 15 years old. I am so glad they did, but it was extremely hard for them. I don’t want to see Archie go through the same thing.”

    Archie will be running 10km at the track and will be hoping to raise in excess of £3000 to cover him for the trip Vegas. The total distance this amazing 8 year old will run is 10km, 25 laps and he has got many people so far to join him to encourage him along the way.

    Archie and Julie spoke with Graham Liver on Radio Lancashire a few days after meeting up. Watch this space for the link!

    Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE who owns Get Set 4 Success Ltd is set to join other sports stars and celebrities on the day and hopes to help raise Archie’s profile in doing so. To sponsor Archie please visit www.archiebonsai.co.uk or contact Julie either on her facebook or via her website for more information www.getset4success.co.uk


    Archie and Julie spoke with Graham Liver on Radio Lancashire a few days after meeting up. Click on the play button below to listen to the full Interview. 


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